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STORY STARTED AS CONSULTANTS DiVi Energy got its start as an energy consulting group working with School Districts, Cities and property owners. As we consulted with our clients a very distinct pattern arose concerning which efficiency measures worked best. The Team realized that the one type of project delivering consistent high returns was a LED retrofit project. LED was just making its debut on the energy savings / lighting stage and therefore expensive. We brought LED lighting direct from the factory floor to our clients while saving them money and making projects irresistible. Today we are the premium vendor of choice for utilities wanting to implement conservation measuers for their constutuents. Our energy conservation projects and electrical projects see thousands of highly satisfied clients year after year. … and yes, DiVi Energy still provides energy changing consulting. DiVi WHAT DOES IT MEAN verb div·vy \ di-vē\ div·vied \ div·vy·ing transitive verb: divide, share give out as one's portion or share, portion out, apportion, share, pass out, give out, distribute - give to several people; … as believers in prosumerism (produce what you consume) we have a strong belief that responsible energy use and consumption should not be dictated to us through an utility but rather we should DiVi-up the responsibility of reducing, producing and sustaining our own energy needs.